Use This Checklist to Ensure Your Feedback is Constructive

Your employees are great, but no one is perfect. Regularly giving constructive feedback puts them on the path toward constant improvement. It also keeps the lines of communication open so you’re always on the same page. Giving feedback in a constructive manner is a must because it keeps people’s feeling from getting hurt and provides… Read more »

How to Discuss Loyalty with a Candidate

Loyalty is one of the most important traits you can find in a candidate because it’s impossible to get ahead if you’re constantly filling the same open positions. Known for their devotion, the baby boom generation was perfectly happy to stay with the same company for most or all of their career, but millennials don’t… Read more »

The Benefits of a Learning Culture

In business, change is necessary to stay ahead of the curve, but many employers don’t provide a culture conducive to learning. This is a huge mistake, because employees can only achieve so much with stagnant knowledge. A learning culture can be created at any organization, with any budget. Opportunities for continued learning are plentiful, ranging… Read more »

Evaluating Communication Skills in Administrative Candidates

Your administrative team keeps the company running smoothly, so you need to hire very carefully. It’s important to choose a candidate who has both exceptional written and oral communication skills, because they’re both necessary to be effective in the job. Find out how to determine if the administrative talent vying for an opening at your… Read more »

The Value of “Thank You”

Politeness goes a long way in the job interview process. From the administrative assistant who greets you at the door to the hiring manager who interviews you, showing everyone the utmost respect is crucial. In standard social settings, you’re completely accustomed to saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ and job interviews are no different. If you… Read more »

The Pitfalls of Procrastination

Time is money, so you need a team of employees who work hard and fast. When hiring, make sure you don’t choose candidates prone to procrastination, because this practice can be detrimental to business. More than just a bad habit, one employee with a tendency to procrastinate can have a negative impact on the entire… Read more »

Interview Questions to Help You Spot Top Performers

Your company is only as successful as the employees who keep it running. Therefore, it’s important to exercise diligence during the hiring process to make sure you only choose the best. In most cases, you only have one or two rounds of interviews to meet with candidates, so you need to ask pointed questions. Those… Read more »

How is Your Administrative Team Responsible for Your Company Culture?

More than just another name on your roster, administrative professionals often have a greater impact on your company culture than you might realize. Serving as the backbone of the organization, their responsibilities touch the entire team. Since the tasks associated with the job largely dictate your culture, it’s important to choose wisely when hiring. Opting… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work

You spend only a certain amount of time in the office. It would be a bad idea if your concentration is spiraling, not being able to focus on one task. You would end up missing deadlines or rushing to meet them. Are there times when you find yourself mindlessly clicking away on your office computer… Read more »

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