The Pitfalls of Procrastination


Time is money, so you need a team of employees who work hard and fast. When hiring, make sure you don’t choose candidates prone to procrastination, because this practice can be detrimental to business.

More than just a bad habit, one employee with a tendency to procrastinate can have a negative impact on the entire team. Take a look at five pitfalls associated with this pattern.

  1. Shoddy Work

Completing quality work takes time. When an employee procrastinates, they’re forced to hurry up and get everything done at the last minute. Work completed in haste is typically of a lesser quality, as it doesn’t allow sufficient time to come up with innovative ideas or proofread.

  1. Missed Deadlines

Clearly not skilled at managing their time, employees known to procrastinate regularly turn assignments in late. Consequently, you can’t trust them with time-sensitive work, because there’s a very good chance they won’t meet the deadline.

  1. Tension Between Employees

Having a procrastinator on staff puts a strain on the entire team. Most people don’t work in a silo, so when assignments are submitted late or of inferior quality, everyone feels the heat. Other employees are commonly forced to step in and assist, either doing the person’s work entirely or heavily editing it to ensure it meets your company’s standard of quality. This causes hardworking employees who don’t procrastinate to resent their colleagues who perpetually put things off.

  1. Lost Opportunities

You never know when an amazing business prospect will come along. Often a last-minute break, you need employees ready to step in and assist. The only problem is, procrastinators are constantly rushing to meet a deadline that’s about to expire, so you can’t rely on them to be waiting in the wings. This can cause you to miss out on great opportunities that could turn out to be major wins for your organization.

  1. Poor Company Reputation

Clients don’t take well to missed deadlines and low-quality work — and they shouldn’t. Procrastinating employees can be a liability because their careless behavior can cause customers to take their business elsewhere. In today’s digital era, word travels fast, so the poor behavior of even one procrastinating employee can be detrimental.

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