Investing in Your Employees


Your employees are talented people who excel at their jobs, but that doesn’t mean they should stop learning. The business world is constantly moving forward, so you need your staff to keep pace. When you invest in continuing education for your team, they bring enhanced knowledge back to their jobs, allowing them to push your company ahead of the curve.

More than just a necessity for your organization, the most ambitious employees like to keep their skills sharpened. They respect an employer willing to invest in them, offering hard work and loyalty in return.

4 Ways to Encourage Your Team to Continue Learning

Send Them to Conferences/Seminars

A quick online search will reveal several major conferences per year across the country — and even the globe — for most industries, allowing attendees to learn new skills, get informed of upcoming trends, listen to speeches from industry experts and network with like-minded peers.

On a smaller scale, there are probably several seminars per year in your local area where employees can spend a day or two learning new skills and getting a glimpse of upcoming movements about to impact your industry.

Bring Trainers Into the Office

If your budget won’t allow you to send employees out of the office, find a skill many staffers need to learn and bring a trainer in. As an expert in their field, the trainer will put the team through a professionally polished session and answer all their questions, so everyone will walk away with new abilities at the end of the course.

Hold Lunch and Learns

Offer employees the chance to expand their knowledge at lunch by holding monthly or weekly opportunities to learn. The possibilities for these sessions are endless. You can have employees from different departments present to the group or invite outside professionals in to address the team.

Provide Tuition Assistance

Formal education is the best way for some employees to grow. Whether they decide to pursue a second degree — or a first — or need to obtain additional certifications, doing so can be very pricey. Offer to help them out by footing the bill for some or all of their tuition and expenses.

Protect your investment by requiring them to stay with your company for a prespecified amount of time after the last payment is dispersed. Anyone who leaves earlier must pay the money back.

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