Transparency: Makes or Breaks Employee Retention Efforts


Change is a normal part of the business world, as innovation must happen to keep your company moving forward. Despite this, you need to be careful when introducing these adjustments to your employees.

Implementing new changes at your company can be all-encompassing, but don’t underestimate the importance of getting full buy-in from your staff. Being transparent every step of the way is the only way to succeed at this endeavor.

4 Reasons to Be Transparent With Your Team

  1. Put Their Minds at Ease

Employees understand the need for change, but it can also scare them. Layoffs and restructuring often happen when a company switches gears, so let them know how they’ll be impacted. From their perspective, it’s a whole lot easier to get on board with something new when you know what it means for you.

  1. Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Chaos ensues when employees are kept in the dark. Remaining mum on what’s to come for your company only feeds the rumor mill, so keep your team in the loop. Hold regular staff meetings to inform people of actions currently taking place and the next steps moving forward.

  1. Give People a Voice

Boost job satisfaction rates by allowing your team to share input. Since they’ll be personally impacted by the changes, it’s only right to ask for feedback on everything from the new direction you’re headed to the implementation process. As experts in their line of work, they’ll have valuable advice that will benefit everyone.

  1. Make Them Feel Included

Asking employees for feedback and keeping them in the loop makes them feel like part of the change. People are much more resistant to new ideas and ways of doing things when they feel like they’re watching from the sidelines. Including them in the process shows you value and respect them, and want them to them to feel comfortable with everything happening around them.

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