Is It OK to Quit Without Notice?


If you really hate your job, you probably fantasize about just getting up and walking out, never to return. While this can serve as a way to channel stress, there’s a huge difference between daydreaming about it and actually doing it.

Maybe you just got a new job and aren’t too keen on spending two more weeks at your current one, or perhaps you’re so ready to leave, that fact you don’t have another job doesn’t matter — either way, don’t do it. Reckless decisions often feel amazing in the moment, but shortly after, when you realize the consequences of your actions, they’re not so wonderful anymore.

5 Reasons It’s Not Wise to Quit Without Notice

You’ll Never Be Able to Use Your Boss as a Reference

Managers don’t take kindly to being left in a lurch by a departing employee, so don’t use your boss as a reference in the future. This means when a prospective employer asks if they can reach out to your former boss, you’ll actually have to say no, which will raise red flags.

You’ll Tarnish Your Reputation

Quitting without giving notice actually hurts your colleagues more than your boss. Don’t expect them to be too happy with you when they’re forced to work nights and weekends to pick up your slack. Stories like this travel fast around the industry, so count on it following you for years to come.

You Won’t Be Welcome Back at the Company

You know you don’t like your current job, but the next one could be even worse. When you quit in a decent manner, you stand a chance of being welcomed back if you head out into the unknown and realize you didn’t really have it so bad after all. Of course, if you leave on bad terms, you won’t be able to return if another job you’re interested in opens up.

It Sets a Bad Precedence for a New Employer

When you get a new job, the manager typically wants you to start as soon as possible, but if you’re currently employed, a reasonable person will understand you need to give two weeks’ notice. If you quit your current job without warning, any manager you want to work for will frown upon this, as they’ll assume you’ll eventually do the same at their company.

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