Top Traits to Look for in Entry-Level Administrative Talent


When hiring for administrative jobs, many companies make the mistake of assuming it’s always best to go with an experienced candidate, but that certainly isn’t the case. When you hire someone new to the field, you’re able to train them yourself, without having to undo bad habits introduced by a previous employer.

Like most career paths, personality traits play a huge role in the success of an administrative professional, so make sure your entry-level candidate displays these five traits.


Whether they’re answering the phone or greeting visitors at the door, administrative professionals are often the first impression visitors get of your organization, so choosing someone with a warm and welcoming personality is a must. This is very important, as having to deal with a rude or otherwise unprofessional administrative staffer can cause people to steer clear of your company.


Administrative talent is often privy to confidential information, so you need someone who can be trusted to remain discreet at all times. Whether they’re sitting in important meetings taking notes or making copies of documents containing top secret material, you want to enjoy confidence in knowing your employee would never betray your confidence.


Your office is a busy place, so you need an administrative staffer who can keep it all together. Managing calendars, coordinating files and handling a constant flow of documents is hard work, so being exceptionally organized is the only way to keep everything running smoothly. Someone with a chaotic personality who is all over the place won’t last in this role.


As the boss, you don’t have time to micromanage your administrative professional’s day, so it’s important to hire someone with the confidence to make their own decisions. Instead of waiting for you to give assignments, this person must be self-assured enough to take charge, prioritize projects, anticipate problems and find solutions to issues on their own, without waiting for you.


No two days are exactly the same when working in an administrative position. You need a new hire who thrives on change and can keep up with a very fast-paced job. Priorities often change throughout the day, so opt for someone who can switch gears and pitch in wherever they’re needed.

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