How Important is a Candidate’s First Impression of Your Company?


When interviewing candidates for a position at your company, you’re not the only one with a big decision to make. They’re also sizing up your organization to decide if it’s a place they want to work. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so work hard to put each person at ease and make them feel valued. If you don’t, they’ll likely take themselves out of the running and tell their connections about the poor experience they had.

4 Ways to Create a Great First Impression

Make every candidate want to accept a job at your company by following these four tips:

  1. Give them a Warm Welcome

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a job interview and having no one know why you’re there. If a receptionist will be greeting the candidate, let them know in advance that you’re expecting a guest. Provide them with the person’s name, the time the interview starts, the job title they’re interviewing for and how to contact you when they arrive. If you don’t have a receptionist, keep a watchful eye on the front door, so the person doesn’t have to awkwardly wait around and hope they’re in the right place.

  1. Prepare in Advance

People completely rearrange their schedule to come to a job interview, so give them the courtesy of reading their resume prior to their arrival. Prepare a list of questions to ask that will help you gauge whether or not they’re a good fit. If you plan to introduce them to anyone else on the team, give them advance notice so they can clear their calendar. Candidates can tell when you’ve done your homework and when you’re just winging it — and they don’t appreciate being an afterthought.

  1. Choose an Appropriate Meeting Space

If you don’t have an office or it isn’t large enough to conduct the interview, reserve a conference room far in advance. Visit the space before the candidate arrives to make sure it’s clean and in great shape to impress them. Simply assuming you’ll find a space that’s both unoccupied and clean can put you in a sticky situation if all appropriate interview spaces are taken when the time comes. You certainly won’t make a good impression if you have to hold the interview in your cubicle or outside on a bench.

  1. Be Enthusiastic

No one wants to work for someone who doesn’t seem the least bit excited about having them join the team. Be friendly to the person and make them feel comfortable. Explain the job in detail and do it in a manner that shows how interesting and rewarding the work really is. Describe the reasons you enjoy working for the company and why you think the candidate will too, if hired.

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