Are You Conducting Post-Interview Reviews?


Choosing the right candidate for the job can be a very difficult decision, which is why the hiring process should always be a group endeavor. You’re well aware of this and make a point to have contenders meet with multiple employees, but your efforts may be in vein if you’re not conducting post-interview reviews.

This key step is a time for your team to get together and focus solely on the task at hand — making a well-informed hiring decision. Having multiple people meet with candidates is great, but the benefits are limited if everyone isn’t getting together to share their thoughts.

Follow these four steps to get the most out of each post-interview review:

Gather the Entire Hiring Team

Choose a time to meet that works for everyone involved in the hiring process, as you want to get a well-rounded opinion of each candidate. This means you may have some people from HR in the room, along with members of your team.

Encourage Everyone to Share Their Thoughts

Make everyone feel comfortable sharing their honest opinions, to ensure the best possible hiring decision is made. Ask each person to share their insights on the candidates — both with things that impressed them and those that raised concerns. Have the highest-ranking professionals in the room go last, so their feedback doesn’t inadvertently sway the discussion.

Create an Interview Scorecard

Give each interviewer a scorecard where they can rank candidates on issues most imperative for success in the position. Comparing and contrasting candidates in this manner makes it much easier to gauge the best fit.

Decide Which Candidates to Invite for Round Two

Use the information gathered to determine which candidates will be invited back for the next round of interviews. Omit candidates who clearly aren’t qualified and keep those in the running who seem promising, but you still need to learn more about. Continue this same post-interview review process for each round until a final decision has been made.

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