Is Temp-to-Hire a Good Solution for Your Needs?


When filling open positions on your team, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Choosing the wrong candidate can be a very costly mistake. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing how a person will work out until they’re in the job. You don’t have to worry about this when you work with a staffing partner, because you can fill job openings on a temp-to-hire basis.

This type of strategy allows you to feel confident with each full-time hire you make, because you’ve already seen them in action.

3 Reasons to Consider Temp-to-Hire

It’s a little non-traditional, but staffing your team on a temp-to-hire basis makes it easier than ever to build a winning team. Find out why this is a really smart hiring move.

Put Their Skills to the Test

It’s always frustrating to hire a new employee and quickly realize the skills on their resume were inflated. Even if you administer a skills test as part of the screening process, it’s nearly impossible to evaluate every ability needed to excel in the position. This is a non-issue when you recruit on a temp-to-hire basis, because there’s no obligation to keep the person on staff if their skills don’t measure up.

Determine Their Cultural Fit

Behavioral interview questions are a great way to gauge a candidate’s cultural fit, but nothing is as effective as seeing them in action. Some people are great at job interviews, so they’ll provide the response they know you want to hear, but turn into a completely different person after they’re hired. When you use a temp-to-hire strategy, you’ll have no qualms about bidding farewell to candidates who don’t fit your company culture.

Create an Easy Exit

Just as you can’t predict how a candidate will work out, they also have no idea if the job at your company will meet their expectations. Oftentimes, people accept a job and quickly realize it wasn’t what they thought it would be but stay put because quitting right away is awkward. A temp-to-hire position gives these people an easy out, which is great, because you don’t want anyone on your team who doesn’t truly want to be there.

Hiring decisions hold a lot of weight, so team up with Barrington Staffing to find the right person for the job. We’ll connect you with an outstanding temp-to-hire candidate you can test out on a temporary basis, because you can never be too informed when making a full-time hiring decision. Contact us today to learn more!


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