Handling Interviews While You’re Currently Employed


Finding a great new job is rarely easy, but being gainfully employed throughout the process adds a whole new obstacle. It’s hard to spend much of your free time searching for a new opportunity, then report to work in the morning and pretend to be content in your current job.

Follow these guidelines to handle your job search like a professional from start to finish.

Searching for New Opportunities

During lunch or when you have a few minutes of downtime, it can be tempting to hop online at work and look for jobs — don’t do it. Many companies carefully monitor the websites visited by employees, and you never know who is looking over your shoulder. Play it safe and conduct all your job search activities outside the confines of the office.

Scheduling Job Interviews

Going on job interviews can be very tricky when currently employed. If possible, plan them first thing in the morning, at lunch or at the very end of the day to minimize the disruption. Many employers will understand your predicament and be willing to work around your schedule. At some point in the process, you’ll probably need to take at least one personal day, but try to give your boss a few days’ notice so you don’t leave the team in a lurch.

Handling Reference Checks

There’s a strong chance a potential employer will want to contact your current company, but don’t allow it until you’ve accepted an offer and given notice to your boss. You will burn bridges if your manager finds out you’re leaving from anyone but you. Any reasonable employer will understand this and will hold off on contacting your current employer until you’ve given the green light.

Remaining Discreet Throughout the Process

Searching for a new job is a huge life event, so you may be tempted to confide in some colleagues — especially those you’re friendly with. However, it’s not wise to share this information with anyone you work with because office gossip spreads at rapid pace. Word could easily get back to your boss, putting you in a seriously awkward situation that could get you fired. No one at work should find out your plans to leave until after you’ve informed your manager.

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