Interview Questions to Help You Spot Top Performers


Your company is only as successful as the employees who keep it running. Therefore, it’s important to exercise diligence during the hiring process to make sure you only choose the best.

In most cases, you only have one or two rounds of interviews to meet with candidates, so you need to ask pointed questions. Those requiring a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response reveal very little about the person, making them relatively useless. Focusing on behavioral interview questions is always the wisest route, and the following five are designed to help you find the best.

  1. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond your job duties for the good of the team.

Top performers understand that company wins aren’t personal. Instead of pushing past everyone on their ascent to the top, they make successes a team effort. This question will help you determine if the candidate is a team player, and get a glimpse of the sacrifices they’re willing to make for the common good.

  1. Explain your biggest professional mishap and what you learned from it.

Even the best employees aren’t perfect. The person’s response to this question will clue you in to their ability to learn from failure, which is key. You need someone humble enough to admit when they’re wrong, and wise enough to know that every mistake is a fantastic learning experience.

  1. Detail a time when you overcame major obstacles to meet a project deadline.

Things don’t always go according to plan, but any candidate worth your time is willing to roll with the punches. Whether they had to find a new supplier at the last minute or work with a skeleton crew because half the team got the flu, their response will allow you to gauge their ability to adapt to changing situations.

  1. How do you sustain your passion for a job or project over a significant time period?

You don’t want to hire an employee merely capable of doing the job — you need someone with a passion for it. This question will help you learn what inspires the person to keep coming to work each day. Choose a candidate with ambition and a true hunger for the work, instead of one motivated by a paycheck and great company perks.

  1. What actions do you take when you’re struggling with a project?

No one is perfect at everything. Top talent is wise enough to realize when they’re in over their head or lack sufficient knowledge to complete a task the right way. Employees too proud to ask for help can cause their own downfall — and that of the entire team — so focus on candidates who won’t hesitate to seek guidance from others.

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