Boosting the Relationship With Your Recruiting Partner


More than just a business contact, your staffing partner serves as the recruiting arm of your company. Consequently, they should know your organization inside and out and be able to anticipate your needs — but this only works if the two of you have a great relationship.

If you’re not as close with your recruiting partner as you should be, use these tips to strengthen the bond.

Get on the Same Page

A recruiting partnership only works when you align your expectations with your recruiter’s. Each of you expects the other to play a specific role in the recruiting process, so if you’re constantly frustrated over missed signals, you need to get on the same wavelength. Clearly establish who is responsible for what and what each side needs from the other, to eliminate frustration and unnecessary roadblocks.

Meet With Your Recruiter to Discuss Each Opening

Your recruiter isn’t a mind reader, so don’t assume they know what you’re looking for in your next candidate. To drive this point home, 80 percent of recruiters believe they have a solid understanding of the jobs they’re working to fill, but 61 percent of hiring managers disagree, according to studies conducted by Deloitte and recruiting software company iCIMS. Avoid this by meeting with your recruiter before kicking off each search to discuss the job, essential skills and the personality type needed to succeed in the role.

Return Messages Promptly

Finding the best possible person to fill every open position on your team is your recruiter’s top priority. While you’re not leading the search, you’re still very involved in it, so your recruiter needs to be able to reach you. It’s okay if you can’t pick up the phone every time it rings, but make a point to return all calls and messages as quickly as possible because failing to do so may cause you to miss out on a fantastic candidate.

Provide Honest Feedback

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s the only way to learn and grow. If you’re not happy with a certain aspect of your staffing partner’s performance, speak up. Any recruiter worth your time is laser-focused on delivering results that make you a very satisfied customer, so they want your feedback. Assessing what you like and dislike about their method will allow them to create an approach specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Stay in Touch

Hiring periods aren’t the only time you need to be in contact with your staffing partner. Touch base at least monthly to discuss what’s coming down the pipeline next at your company. When you keep your recruiter in the loop, they’re able to casually search for new connections that might meet your needs. This allows them to have prospects lined up and ready the next time you’re ready to hire.

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