Seasonal Staffing Needs: Do You Need Summer Help Now?


Summer is officially in full swing, but it’s hard to enjoy the season if you’re constantly stressed about maintaining adequate staffing levels at your company. The sunniest time of year only lasts for a few months, so it’s time to figure out a plan so you and your team can maximize it.

Whether you’re worried about having enough workers to meet an increase in business or aren’t sure how to keep the company running amid a steady stream of requests for time off, learn why temporary employees are the solution to all of your summer staffing issues.

Meet Seasonal Business Demands

If you’re like many companies, business seriously picks up during the summer months, but this can be very difficult to manage when you don’t have the staff to manage the influx. Keep customers happy and maximize profits by temporarily expanding your team with seasonal workers. Profits are already high, but imagine the level they could reach if you’re properly staffed to handle the increased demand.

Manage Vacation Requests

Summer is vacation season, so most of your employees have probably already submitted requests for time off in the upcoming months. Denying them is the last thing you want to do because your team deserve a break; however, it’s impossible to keep the business running at full speed with a skeleton staff. Hiring temporary workers allows you to give your employees a well-deserved break without sacrificing an ounce of efficiency.

Boost Morale

Summer is the season of fun, but if you’re employees are constantly forced to work overtime to keep up with a surge in business, they’re going to miss out — and they won’t be happy about it. When you take on temporary workers, your permanent employees are able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance, which will make them much more productive and engaged. Working your employees around the clock might suffice for a bit, but will quickly lead to burnout.

Need a little extra help this summer? Contact Barrington Staffing. Our recruiting experts will work with you to find the right temporary, temporary-to-staff and direct hire talent to fill in the gaps on your team.

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