Why You Should Encourage Failure


In a perfect world, projects would always go as planned and results would consistently exceed expectations, but it doesn’t work like that. Instead, failure is a regular part of life, so instead of dreading it, you need to know how to accept it.

Often viewed as the best possible teacher, failure stings at first, but offers plenty of valuable lessons. If properly digested, failure will absolutely make you stronger and you learn from your mistakes.

As the boss, your team looks to you for guidance, so make it okay to fail. When you encourage employees to try their best, without the pressure of having to succeed, they’re able to grow and evolve into well-rounded professionals.

5 Lessons to Learn From Failure

  1. Humility

No one enjoys working with egotistical know-it-alls, but it’s hard for people to be humble when they’ve never failed at anything. Failure helps people realize they’re not perfect. Sometimes being knocked down a peg can be the best thing that ever happened to an employee.

  1. Empathy

It doesn’t feel great to give your all to a project that ultimately fails. After experiencing this firsthand, people are better equipped to show compassion to team members who fails to meet expectations. Instead of becoming angry or showing indifference, those who know what failure feels like are more inclined to display empathy and work to help boost the person’s spirits.

  1. Persistence

Really wanting something, but failing to achieve it doesn’t feel great. When this happens, it ignites a fire within that encourages the employee to work harder from that point on. There’s no better way to develop a strong sense of determination than getting a taste of failure and wanting to avoid it again at all costs.

  1. Value of Teamwork

It’s not uncommon for failure to happen due to internal issues within a team. Problems such as miscommunication and improper allocation of key tasks can take a project down. Afterwards, team members are able to look back at what went wrong and use this to devise a more effective strategy for the future.

  1. It’s Not the End of the World

Experiencing failure isn’t fun, but people learn they have to move on. Instead of living in fear of taking risks, employees learn to trust their instincts and go for it, because if it ends in failure, they’ll get past it.

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