Leadership Qualities to Look For in All New Hires


Adding new employees to your team is a huge decision that must be taken very seriously. You want to choose forward-thinking leaders who will guide your company to a future filled with success. Some people have the capacity to thrive as a leader, while others are destined to follow — and that’s okay. Of course, in this case, you’re looking for trailblazers, so make sure your new hires embody these five characteristics.

  1. Team Player

Leaders aren’t effective if they can’t work well with others. No one respects a leader who believes their opinion is the only one that matters and solely accepts all the credit for outstanding work completed by the entire group. The best leaders make everyone feel like their thoughts and opinions matter and always give credit where it’s deserved.

  1. Calm Under Pressure

In life and business, things don’t always go as planned, so it’s important to have a leader who takes things in stride. Chaos ensues if people see their leader panicked, because they model their own behavior after the person leading the charge. Nothing good comes from a frenzied staff, which is why you need a leader with the ability to keep the group calm and collected.

  1. Honest

The person leading the group has a huge amount of responsibility, so you must be absolutely certain they can be trusted. From being privy to confidential company secrets to having direct access to sensitive financial information, you need to know someone in a leadership role can be trusted to not abuse their power.

  1. Empathetic

Great leaders treat their team as humans first and employees second. Instead of taking a robotic approach to management, they care about the well-being of their staff and want to do everything possible to create an outstanding work environment. For example, if an employee is having trouble getting to work on time, an empathetic leader will take the time to talk to them, learn what the problem is and find a solution together, instead of simply scolding the person.

  1. Confident

It’s virtually impossible to respect a leader who is meek, insecure and uncertain of their own abilities. Leaders gain the trust of others by sending a confident vibe that makes people want to be on their team. Humble, yet firm, these people are the opposite of arrogant, but their charisma pulls others toward them.

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