4 Why Time Management Is a Critical Soft Skill for Employees


When searching for new administrative talent, you always focus on hard skills, such as proficiency with certain software programs and fast typing skills, but that’s not all that matters. Although they can be much harder to gauge, soft skills also play a key role in a candidate’s fit for the job, especially time management.

During the interview process, ask candidates questions like “How do you accomplish everything on your task list when you’re swamped with work?” and “Explain how you estimate the amount of time needed to complete a task,” to learn more about the importance time management has on their day.

Beyond the obvious of needing the person to show up to work in a punctual manner, hiring an administrative professional who lacks time management skills can seriously limit their ability to succeed at the job and contribute to the team. Below are three reasons you simply cannot hire someone who doesn’t excel in this crucial area.

  1. Knowing How to Prioritize is a Must

In an administrative role — or really any job — the ability to prioritize is the only way to successfully make it through the day. A person who has no concept of time isn’t able to grasp the importance of carefully planning their day to meet deadlines, which makes them nearly impossible to work with.

  1. Sprinting to the Finish Line Brings Sloppy Work

Some enjoy working under pressure, but an employee who always leaves everything to the last minute simply cannot produce the same quality of work as those with the ability to properly manage their time. Careless mistakes happen when a person rushes to meet a deadline, causing their work to be subpar.

  1. Wasting Time Costs Money

An employee without sufficient time management skills wastes a lot of time doing pretty much everything. It takes them longer than necessary to complete assignments, so they’re unable to reach their potential. Time is money, so the lower level of output produced by the person quickly becomes a drain on company resources.

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