Four Workplace Threats to Productivity


Your company is staffed with a great group of employees, but even the most well-intentioned people sometimes need a little help boosting their level of productivity. If your staff isn’t producing the output you know they’re capable of, look closely to see what’s going on. The issue might be an easy fix with hugely positive results, so find the source immediately.

These four issues often deter workplace productivity, but you’re in a position to make a difference. Follow this advice to help your team accomplish more each day.

  1. Frequent Miscommunications

To keep your company running smoothly, everyone from senior management to staff-level positions needs to be on the same page. It’s impossible to accomplish anything if one group is doing one thing and the other is essentially undoing their work. Avoid this by creating an open-door culture where employees are encouraged to approach management and each other with any questions, comments or concerns.

  1. Outdated Equipment

If you want your employees to be efficient, you must provide them with fully functioning, updated equipment that allows them to do their jobs quickly and easily. When people are trying to work with software that constantly freezes or requires the completion of unnecessary steps, even the simplest tasks can take double or triple the amount of time they should.

  1. Unnecessary Meetings

When planned properly, meetings can be incredibly effective, but they’re frequently a waste of time. Encourage employees to double check the list of attendees before scheduling a meeting, to make sure everyone really needs to be there. If a person receives a meeting invite they don’t think they should be in, empower them to push back and find out why they’re needed.

  1. Personal Issues

As an employer, you can’t do anything about personal issues your team members are experiencing, but you can make it easier for them to deal with these problems. It’s impossible for someone to fully concentrate on work when their mind is on a pressing matter at home, so provide a fair amount of paid time off and offer flexible work options, when necessary. For example, a mother might spend her day calling and worrying about a sick teenager home from school alone. Letting her to work from home will ease her mind and allow her to better focus on her job.

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