Workplace Competition: A Good Strategy?


At first, it may seem like creating workplace competition will divide your employees, encouraging them to disband, but that isn’t the case. When properly implemented, this strategy can actually foster creativity, encourage higher-quality work, and promote collaboration.

A bit of friendly competition is fun, exciting, and gives your team an exciting new challenge to work towards. If your employees haven’t been producing the work you know they’re capable of, shake things up a bit by introducing a fun and stimulating contest.

3 Positive Elements of Workplace Competition

  1. Boosts Creativity

It’s easy for people to become stuck in a rut when they get a bit too comfortable in their jobs. Creating a little competition boosts creativity, inspiring them to produce their very best work. Your team is well aware their peers are very talented, so if they want to come out ahead, they’ll need to bring their very best game. Whether there’s a prize on the line or simply pride at stake, nothing fuels creative energy more than a friendly rivalry.

  1. Improves Quality of Work

When the stakes are high, people know mediocre work simply won’t cut it. Your employees will put extra effort into producing their personal best, because they don’t want to be shown up by their peers. Over time, even the most dedicated employees often become a little relaxed in their jobs, producing quality output, but not reaching their true potential. A competition can help ignite the passion they had when they were hired, effectively jump-starting their level of enthusiasm.

  1. Encourages Team Spirit

Pairing employees together or placing them in groups for the competition is a great way to bring them closer together. If any team members haven’t had the chance to bond or don’t get along too well, put them in the same group to encourage a sense of camaraderie. This experience can bring them closer, so they’ll be able to function better when working together in the future.

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