Applying for a Specific Job Opportunity


Previously, we discussed writing a resume that represents you well; however, customizing this key document for each individual opportunity is just as essential. For hiring managers, there are few things more frustrating than reading a resume that could be applicable to any job in the industry. Choosing a new team member is a huge decision, so you’re not going to make it past the screening process if you can’t be bothered to tailor your resume for the specific position.

Learn how to modify your resume for each and every job you apply for, to increase your chances of scoring an interview.

3 Tips for Customizing Your Resume

Update Your Objective

Job titles for the exact same position often vary by company, so update your objective to include the exact designation listed in the job description. This ensures the reader won’t discard your resume because they think you applied by accident and it’s an obvious way to showcase your customization efforts from the very beginning.

Highlight Relevant Experience

Your applicable skills and work experience must be the first thing the hiring manager sees, so if your most recent job isn’t applicable, switch to a skills-based format. Flesh out accomplishments closely related to the job and place those without much bearing at the bottom — or leave them out altogether. Resist any temptation to exaggerate any key areas where you know you fall short, because you’ll get caught and it will ruin your chances of getting the job.

Match the Tone

It’s not just the skills and experience listed on your resume that count — the words you choose to tell your story also speak volumes. Carefully review the job description and use it to mimic the tone of the company, to show you’re a good cultural fit. Simply wording a phrase with the same meaning a little differently can make a huge impact.

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