How Can You Make Your Application Stand Out?


Finding job prospects that interest you is hard work — but that’s only half the battle. The best opportunities always attract a lot of candidates, and many of them have pretty impressive credentials. You’re definitely qualified to be the last candidate standing, but to achieve this, you’ll need to exert plenty of extra effort.

Learn how to make sure your application doesn’t get lost in a pile on the hiring manager’s desk.

Customize Your Resume

It only takes a second to submit a generic resume, but if you want to be noticed, you’ll need to customize yours to fit each specific opportunity. Hiring managers look for motivated candidates willing to go the extra mile. Not only does taking the time to tailor your resume show your enthusiasm for the job, it also allows you to position yourself as the perfect fit.

Include a Cover Letter

They’re considered a staple for job seekers, but many people still opt to skip the cover letter, unless submitting one is required. Use this to your advantage by always including one with your application. This is a golden opportunity to expand on your resume and share your story with the hiring manager.

Include a Link to Your Online Portfolio

If you have a career-oriented website or blog, this is its time to shine. Share a link to your online presence in the application so the hiring manager can see what you have to offer. Dedicating some of your free time to your work highlights your true passion for the field, which is sure to make a great impression. Even if you don’t have an online portfolio, listing links to social media accounts you use professionally can also increase your visibility.

Ask a Company Insider to Deliver It

Poor hiring decisions are very costly, so employers place a huge value on employee referrals. Referred candidates have a more than double chance of scoring an interview and are approximately 40 percent more likely to be hired, according to a 2012 Federal Reserve Bank of New York study. When possible, try to find someone who works at the company to hand deliver your application to the hiring manager, or at least put in a good word for you. Use LinkedIn to see if you or anyone in your network has an inside connection.

Carefully Proofread All Documents

First impressions are everything, so if your application is filled with errors, the hiring manager will assume you’re careless and immediately dismiss you. After running spellcheck and proofreading your documents, ask someone you trust to review them again. Submitting a flawless application shows you’re a serious candidate who takes pride in your work.

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