Should You Consider Overqualified Candidates?


When reviewing resumes for an entry-to-mid-level position, it can be quite surprising to receive an application from a candidate who is clearly overqualified. You may assume the person is just trying to earn a paycheck until something better comes along, but that isn’t always the case. Many people decide to change careers after decades of work and others simply prefer a job with less pressure.

If you immediately disqualify the resume of an overqualified candidate, you might miss out on the best employee you’ve ever had. Give them the same chance as other applicants, to see if they’re a good fit.

4 Reasons to Consider Overqualified Candidates

Still not convinced hiring an overqualified candidate is a good idea? Learn four benefits you can enjoy by adding them to your team:

  1. Accomplish More

If you think overqualified candidates will slack off as soon as they’re hired, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear the exact opposite is true. Two studies analyzed by the Harvard Business Review — one included data on more than 5,000 Americans and the other observed 244 employees of a Turkish apparel chain — revealed that overqualified workers actually outperform their peers.

  1. Less Training Time

It typically takes at least a few weeks of training for a new employee to be able to work independently. However, when you hire someone with more than enough experience to excel at the job, they can get right to work. Increase efficiency from day one by choosing a candidate who truly knows what they’re doing. This is especially helpful if work has been piling up, because the position has been vacant for awhile.

  1. Easier to Manage

Hiring a new college graduate can sometimes feel like babysitting. Many of these young professionals aren’t well-versed on basic office etiquette, so you’ll often have to pull them aside to discuss things like the importance of coming into work on time, dressing appropriately for the office and not taking personal phone calls at their cubicle. Conversely, seasoned professionals already know how to behave, so they’ll require minimal attention.

  1. Higher Value for the Money

Most overqualified candidates will not make ridiculous salary demands. They’re well aware the job has a salary cap and they wouldn’t ask you to pay them more than the amount in your budget. This is a unique opportunity for you to hire an experienced professional, without having to pay sky-high wages. By choosing them, you’ll get a wealth of additional skills and experience that can be prove very valuable to your company.

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