What to Look for in a Candidate’s Thank-You Note


Career experts urge job seekers to immediately follow up with hiring managers after an interview by writing a thank-you note, so it’s surprising that most people don’t take this advice. It’s always nice to receive a message from a candidate thanking you for your time and restating their interest in the position, but of course simply sending the letter isn’t enough to make a hiring decision. It’s important to know how to read between the lines of the note, because you can really learn a lot.

3 Savvy Ways to Analyze a Candidate’s Thank-You Note

Not all thank-you notes are created equally. Look for the following three things to gain more information on the candidate:

  1. Personalization: It may seem like a relatively small matter, but the level of detail exhibited in the note means a lot. First of all, a candidate who takes the time to personally write to everyone they met with is polite and wants to deepen their relationship with each person. Secondly, if they include specific topics covered in the interview, this shows they’re a great listener.
  2. Style: It’s nearly impossible for a candidate to tailor their cover letter to fit your company culture, but it’s a different story for the thank-you note. You may be able to get a glimpse of how well the person might fit into your culture just by the way they write their note. An emailed message is great for modern, contemporary companies, while a handwritten letter is more appropriate for a more traditional organization.
  3. Enthusiasm: Sending a thank-you note certainly shows that the candidate has good manners, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have their mind made up about the job. You want someone who is so excited about the position that it can’t help but show in their message. When a person continues to sell themselves for the job by reiterating exactly why they’re a great choice, you can be sure they really want it.

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