Looking for the Perfect Candidate?


Your team has an open position, and you’re not going to fill it until you find the perfect candidate. On the surface, this seems reasonable because you want someone who will help your company move forward. What you don’t realize is the perfect person for the job probably doesn’t exist.

The search for the perfect candidate is bound to be a lengthy one — if you find this person at all. It’s much more effective to screen potentials for key qualifications, and provide training on the rest. Find out what you have to gain by choosing a candidate who doesn’t have it all.

3 Reasons to Hire an Imperfect Candidate

  1. They’re Grateful for the Opportunity

When you take a chance on someone, they don’t forget it. A candidate who applies for a job they’re not quite qualified for does so hoping the hiring manager will see their potential. They might be a little green, but this will soon fade because they won’t want to disappoint you. It’s almost certain this person will put 110 percent effort into their work and do so with a smile on their face. Since there’s no other job they’d rather hold, they’ll be an eager-to-learn, enthusiastic team player from day one.

  1. They Have Room to Grow

Candidates who need a little polishing tend to stay put longer because the job offers an exciting learning experience. Since the job isn’t a perfect fit for their skills and qualifications, they’ll need time to grow into it. You’ll get to teach them to do things your way — instead of having to break bad habits learned at another company — and they’ll stay busy mastering a job that excites and engages them.

  1. Their Intentions Are Clear

A candidate with all the right skills and credentials knows how to do the job, but they could be a flight risk. Since the position doesn’t offer them any major learning experiences, they might consider it a safety net until something with more growth potential comes along. The best and brightest professionals constantly seek a challenge, so they’ll be out the door when another employer with a better opportunity spots their potential.

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