Three Tips for Hiring Top Administrative Professionals


Administrative professionals are central to the success of your team, so you can’t hire just anyone. Trust is essential, as employees in these roles have their hands in many aspects of your company.

A great administrative professional can help you shine brighter than ever, while a poor fit for the job can seriously hinder your success. Take the candidate selection process very seriously, because you can’t afford to get it wrong. Use these three tips to find the very best person for the job.

  1. Put Serious Effort Into Your Search

Posting an administrative professional opening to your company’s HR site and various job boards is a great way to receive a high volume of resumes, but not necessarily the best approach. Fit is key, so share the post with your network to see if anyone has a recommendation. Requesting employee referrals is another great way to find quality candidates. Partnering with a staffing firm is another savvy approach to help find the right person.

  1. Dig Deep With Thought-Provoking Interview Questions

When you’ve finally narrowed down a list of candidates to interview, use your time wisely by asking questions that will reveal telling information. For example, asking a candidate where they hope to be in five years can clue you in on whether they’re genuinely interested in the job or simply looking for a way to earn money until something else comes along.

Behavioral interview questions like “Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult client” offer a glimpse at how the person would behave in the same situation at your company. The more information you have, the better equipped you are to make the right decision, so cover all the bases.

  1. Focus on the Details

Administrative professionals are often the first people clients and colleagues from other firms interact with, so you need to be sure you’re hiring someone who will uphold your brand image. Take note of the candidate’s phone manners, email etiquette, the way they treat your employees, and how they present themselves to help determine whether they’re the right choice for your brand.

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