Do Your Employees Give Up Too Easily?


Everyone makes mistakes, but some people pick themselves up and try again, while others throw in the towel. If your team largely follows the latter philosophy, it’s time for an attitude adjustment. No one is perfect, but how one handles failure speaks volumes.

You need a team of strong, committed, hardworking professionals who won’t stop until they’ve exceeded their goals. Setbacks are a part of life, so it’s important to have employees who view them as a minor roadblock, instead of a curtain call.

Find out why it’s important to encourage your staff to rise above failure and work past it.

4 Reasons You Won’t Win With a Team of Quitters

  1. Greatness Doesn’t Come Easy

For the most part, amazing results are always tied to hard work and innovative thinking. To a degree, every project experiences at least a little of the unexpected, so you need your employees to be flexible and able to change course when necessary. If they give up every time the going gets rough, they’ll never accomplish anything.

  1. Playing it Safe Doesn’t Yield Amazing Results

Employees must be willing to break the mold to achieve major accomplishments. However, if your team becomes frustrated and gives up every time they face a new challenge, they won’t be able to do the ground-breaking work necessary to get ahead. They might be able to chug along in the safe zone, doing things the tried-and-true way, but this won’t make you an industry-leader.

  1. Failure is the Greatest Teacher

No one sets out to fail, but when it happens, it’s anything but a total loss. Employees who want to succeed dig deep to learn from their mistakes, so they can see exactly what went wrong and avoid making the same misstep in the future. Those who simply give up side step these valuable lessons and ultimately tend to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

  1. No One Succeeds With ‘Can’t Do’ Attitude

When employees are content with failure, it’s hard to move forward. Your company will accomplish very little with a group of people who don’t believe in themselves and each other. The best teams are unstoppable, as everyone shares a commitment to power through the finish line no matter what.

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