Encouraging Leadership on Your Workforce


Some people are natural leaders, but others need a little push. Your sharpest, most driven employees have a bright future ahead, so help them shine by working to develop their potential.

Everyone benefits when your workforce is filled with strong leaders eager to make a difference. People want to feel like they’re making an impact, so employee satisfaction and productivity levels surge. Your job also becomes easier, as you’re surrounded by confident, driven professionals who don’t require hand-holding to do great work.

4 Ways to Turn Your Employees Into Leaders

Uncover Their Passion

It’s hard for employees to get excited about ventures they’re not interested in, so work with your team to find out what inspires them. Use this to delegate work appropriately, assigning staffers to projects that spark a fire inside. When people truly care about the outcome of their work, they’ll step up and do what it takes to ensure the best possible results.

Challenge Them to Learn and Grow

Leaders aren’t made by performing the same mundane tasks day in and day out. Help your employees hone the skills needed to take the lead by delegating tasks you would normally complete yourself. For example, take turns allowing each person to lead your team meeting each week. In no time at all, they’ll be comfortable speaking in front of a group and adept at keeping the flow of the meeting moving.

Let Them Make Mistakes

When you realize an employee is about to make a mistake, your natural instinct is to step in and help, but this isn’t always the best approach. Mistakes are one of the best ways to learn, so make it okay to fail. If the person needs your help, they’ll ask, but if not, let them work through the situation on their own and find a resolution. Savvy employees never make the same mistake twice.

Emphasize the Importance of Networking

Great leaders are always well connected, so help your employees break out of their shell. Encourage them to attend networking events on a regular basis, to build their list of contacts. Initially, attending these events is super uncomfortable for some people, so gather the team and take them to a few mixers. Help them get acclimated by introducing them to new people and offering pointers to work the room.

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