Hiring Temporary Employees to Fill Summer Needs


Summer is just around the corner, and your employees have vacation on their minds. Nearly half (42 percent) of Americans plan to take a vacation in 2022, according to a AAA study. If you’re not concerned because most of your staff stayed put in 2021, note the survey found people 30 percent more likely to take a vacation this year compared with last.

You want your employees to be happy, but from a business standpoint, you can’t keep the company running smoothly on a skeleton crew. Thankfully, there’s a very easy solution — hire temporary staffers. These professionals will arrive on your doorstep fully trained and ready to get started, so your employees can enjoy a vacation without having to shut the company down.

3 Reasons to Hire Temporary Staffers This Summer

  1. Boost Employee Morale

Your employees work hard to accrue paid time off, and they deserve to use it. Expect job satisfaction levels to plummet if requests to take vacation days are frequently denied. Everyone’s happy when you hire temporary workers, because your team gets the time off they want, without production taking a hit. People will return from vacation relaxed, refreshed and grateful to have an employer who supports a solid work-life balance.

  1. Lower Payroll Costs

If you think you can provide summer vacation coverage internally, don’t forget to factor in overtime costs. Your staff is busy enough doing their own jobs, so they’ll have to put in extra hours if they’re also pitching in for colleagues out on vacation. Paying time-and-a-half adds up fast, so give your team and your budget a break by hiring temporary employees instead. This route is much more cost-effective and puts less stress on your staff.

  1. Keep Pace With Increased Demand

For many companies, the summer months are the busiest. Not only is it hard to grant vacation requests during this time, it’s also difficult to keep up with a rise in customer demand. Temporary employees can fill the gaps wherever they’re needed, ensuring you’re always fully staffed. There’s no obligation to keep them on the payroll when they’re no longer needed, so this ensures you’ll never need to be short-staffed again.

If you need temporary employees to help at your company this summer, Barrington Staffing has you covered. Contact us to find top Los Angeles or Ventura County talent ready to get to work!

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