Does Your Brand Attract Top Talent?


Industry-leading talent can find a job just about anywhere, so if you want to attract them, you’ll need to have something really special to offer. Salary and perks are important to a point, but the best and brightest candidates want a job they’re passionate about, where they can make a difference.

If your organization doesn’t currently have much of a digital footprint, you need to get up-to-speed. Intrigue top talent with your brand by building and maintaining a captivating social media presence, blog and website that makes them want to be part of your story.

  1. Create a Buzz

Top talent wants to work somewhere interesting. If your online presence is weak, your job opening will barely get a glimpse. Companies that have nothing to say are boring and the best people are drawn to those everyone is talking about. Buzzy brands are fun, exciting and look great on a resume.

  1. Highlight Your Culture

Company culture can make or break an employee’s level of job satisfaction, so people want to know what they’re getting into. Since they have their choice of job options, top talent isn’t going to opt for a company they know nothing about. Of course, this isn’t an issue if you have a robust online presence, because you can use your social media accounts, company blog, and website to create a distinct voice.

  1. Show What You Do

It’s hard to understand a company’s purpose from an overview paragraph on a job listing. Prior to applying for a job, talented professionals always perform due diligence on a prospective employer to see if it’s a place they actually want to work. If after conducting their research, they’re still unsure what you do, they’re not going to continue pursuing an opportunity with your organization.

  1. Boost Your Credibility

Approximately seven in 10 Americans use social media, according to the Pew Research Center, so if your company is off the grid — or barely there — it seems a little suspect. The cream of the crop has no interest in working for a company with something to hide. Your organization is probably perfectly lovely, but failing to cultivate your online presence will make you appear less trustworthy.

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