How to Recruit Top Talent in the New Year


Now that 2022 has arrived, it’s time to start staffing your team with all the right people to make this your best year yet. Of course, finding top talent is a lot easier said than done, as everyone wants to hire the best and brightest professionals in your local area. If you want to get ahead, you need to know the secret to securing the talent everyone wants — working with a local staffing firm.

The best recruiters know everything about the local market, so they can help you create a dynamic staffing plan and fill every position with highly coveted professionals everyone wants to hire. Learn why joining forces with a local staffing firm is the only want to get to the top.

4 Benefits of Taking On a Local Staffing Partner

  1. Fill Open Positions Faster

When an employee quits or you’re forced to let someone go, there’s a good chance the position will sit vacant for awhile. In the interim, your remaining staffers are left to divide up pertinent tasks and the rest of the work simply piles up untouched. When you work with a recruiter, you can have a trained professional ready to step in and help out within days — or sometimes even the same day.

  1. Find Better Talent

In many cases, top talent won’t respond to your job postings, because these people are already employed. Recruiters work hard to maintain relationships with passive candidates willing to make a career move when the right opportunity comes along. Since they’re not actively seeking new opportunities, the only way to reach these people is through a staffing partner.

  1. Reduce Hiring Expenses

The cost of a bad hire is high. Even if you happen to hire right the first time, finding the best candidate can take quite awhile, which results in sky-high overtime costs for the rest of your team while they pick up the slack. Recruiters are specially trained to find the right fit — and fast — keeping your hiring expenses to a minimum.

  1. Develop Flexible Staffing Plans

Your payroll costs might be much more expensive than necessary. If you have full-time staffers who only have enough work to keep them busy all day during peak seasons, your staffing partner can work with you to create a flexible option that inflates your bottom line. Keep your core staff intact, and hire everyone else on a temporary basis. This allows you to pay for talent when you need it, but not waste money having people on staff full time without merit.

Get the new year off to a strong start by making the right hiring decisions. Partner with Barrington Staffing to find top temporary, temporary-to-staff and direct hire professionals in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, who can’t wait to join your team.

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