How Will Your Employees Respond to Change?


Change is a normal, healthy part of the business world, but everyone responds to it differently. Some employees crave change and can shift gears on a moment’s notice, but everyone doesn’t work that way. Many people fear the unknown and are very apprehensive to even the slightest adjustments.

If a change is coming to your company, you need every employee to embrace it. Proper grooming from you can help them view the shift as something positive.

5 Ways to Help Your Team Prepare for Change

  1. Keep Them Informed

Chaos ensues when employees are left in the dark, so keep the light on. You might not be able to share every piece of information about the change, but relay all you can. Uncertainty fuels the rumor mill, and the last thing you need is an office filled with gossip.

  1. Listen to Their Concerns

Change makes employees feel vulnerable, so help them through it. Take the time to answer their questions and help them understand how they’ll be personally impacted. A few minutes of your time might be all it takes to ease their minds.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Help employees feel more involved in the process by requesting their input, when possible. It’s much easier to accept change when you’re part of it, instead of simply watching it happen from the sidelines. This will make everyone feel included and realize the company is moving with them, not against them.

  1. Clearly Define Roles

Job duties are often impacted by change, so make sure everyone is on the same page. Tensions often rise when employees aren’t sure who’s supposed to be doing what. Avoid this by meeting with each person individually to discuss changes to their role, and gathering the whole group for as many team meetings as necessary.

  1. Provide Proper Training

Help your employees settle into the change by giving them ample training. For example, if you ask someone to take on a new job duty, provide training so they can be comfortable with the task. Or if your company goes through a rebranding, give the team a thorough introduction to the new and improved organization.

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