How Can You Evaluate an Expert Interviewer?


When interviewing candidates, you’re used to meeting people who are a bundle of nerves. However, there’s another group of individuals that can remain cool as cucumbers. These expert interviewers arrive perfectly polished, have seriously impressive responses to your questions and display impeccable body language.

At first glance, the calm, collected and smooth-talking candidate probably seems like the obvious choice, but don’t be deceived by their on-point interview game. Before extending an offer, use the three techniques below to determine if the person is actually qualified for the position.

Dig Deep With Behavioral Interview Questions

Expert interviewers have a prepared response for every standard interview question in the book. If you want their true colors to shine, you’ll need to catch them off-guard with a challenging, more unique inquiry. For example, instead of asking about a time when they had to handle a difficult client, find out how they dealt with the consequences of making a decision the rest of their team didn’t agree with in the past.

Request Examples of Past Work

The best indication of future performance is work the person has previously completed, so ask for a few examples. Depending on the nature of the position, the person may have a website or portfolio to showcase. In other types of jobs this won’t be possible, but they can still explain their process for completing tasks associated with the role. For example, ask an executive assistant hopeful how they’ve handled scheduling conflicts on their boss’s calendar in the past.

Conduct a Skills Assessment

The best way to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the job is to put their skills to the test. If a key task associated with the job can be easily evaluated with a skills assessment, use this opportunity to see if the person is really as talented as they seem. For example, if the candidate is interviewing for a data entry operator position, give them a typing test to determine their WPM.

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