Should You Hire a Candidate Who Requires Training?


When interviewing candidates in Burbank for your team, you’re probably hoping to find someone with all the right skills and a personality that perfectly aligns with your culture. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work that way, so you need to be open to candidates with potential.

Bright, energetic and eager to learn, these professionals may require training to successfully perform the job requirements, but they’re well worth the investment. Initially, you’ll need to put in some extra effort to get them up to speed, but in no time at all they might be your best employee.

3 Reasons to Hire and Train the Right Candidate

  1. Skills Can Be Learned

Cultural fit is the key to every employee’s lasting success at your company. The character traits needed to blend in with your team are innate, so if the candidate with the most impressive resume doesn’t fit in now, they never will. On the other hand, the skills needed to succeed at the job can be taught, so make personality your main focus.

  1. Fewer Bad Habits to Break

Every company has a certain way of doing things. Seasoned applicants learned their skills from another employer who also conducted business a certain way. This means the person comes with a set of bad habits you’ll have to break while getting them acclimated to your company. If you hire someone who requires a little more training, you’ll start with a blank slate, making it easy to shape them into your ideal staffer.

  1. Boost Loyalty

Under qualified candidates seeking temp work in Burbank know they have some catching up to do. When these people submit their resume to jobs they’re not quite capable of handling yet, they do so hoping the hiring manager will see their potential. People don’t forget when you take a chance on them, so expect this person to stay on your employment roster for a very long time.

Finding the best-fit candidate is rarely easy, so allow Barrington Staffing to assist. Our employment agency recruiters will use their skills and connections to help you find the best temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire professional for your Los Angeles or Ventura County team. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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