How Can You Make Resignation Announcements Easier for Your Team?


Nearly three million people quit their jobs in October 2016 — the most recent available data — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s a standard part of running a business, but that doesn’t make receiving resignations any easier.

As a boss, it’s uncomfortable to receive a resignation, but it’s even more awkward for the person giving notice. Remaining employees also typically feel uneasy when news breaks, as they’ll soon be one team member short.

No matter how great a place your company is to work, turnover is never going to stop. Use this advice to make your team feel more comfortable with the shift.

  1. Avoid the Guilt Trip

Whether your departing employee has accepted a position at another company or decided to take a break from the workforce, their mind is already made up. Rather than making an already awkward situation even more tense, congratulate them on their move into the next chapter and thank them for all they’ve done for the company during their tenure.

  1. Be Honest

Chaos can ensue when someone quits — especially if the person holds a key spot on the team. However, big secrets don’t stay under wraps very long in an office environment, so if you don’t break the news to your employees, it will travel back to them through other channels. Hearing it straight from you will be much more appreciated, so gather everyone together as soon as possible to notify them of their colleague’s resignation.

  1. Outline a Transition Plan

Prior to informing your team about the resignation, start working on a transition plan. Having something to share with the group at the meeting will ease everyone’s minds because they’ll see you have it under control. Ask the person leaving to make a list of their pertinent tasks and train team members stepping in to assist in the interim.

  1. Ask for Input

Include your employees in the transition process because this majorly impacts them as well. From deciding how to divide up the additional workload to including them in the interview process for a new team member, they’ll feel much better if they’re kept in the loop. Transparency is the key to a smooth transition.

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