Three Strategies to Make Temporary Employees a Part of Your Team


Hiring temporary workers is a savvy way to make sure you’re fully staffed at all times. Whether you need a few extra hands to get through a busy period or want to take your time hiring a full-time staffer without leaving a position vacant in the interim, this flexible staffing approach is a seriously smart move.

In some aspects, taking on a temporary staff is very different from a more traditional hire, but many key components remain the same. Most importantly, you need to make your temporary staffer feel like part of the team. It doesn’t matter if an employee is with your company for 10 days or 10 years, they’re doing work on your behalf, so it’s only right embrace them.

3 Ways to Make Your Temps Feel Included

  1. Give Them a Proper Welcome

You always extend a warm welcome to new hires on their first day, so don’t treat your temp staff any differently. Make sure their workstation is set up, send an introductory email out to your team, schedule a group lunch and enroll the person in the company’s standard new hire orientation. Knowing you took the time to coordinate their arrival will make them feel valued.

  1. Ask for Their Input

Temporary staffers are only with your company for a short time; however, that doesn’t make them any less qualified to do the job. These people are very talented, so tap into their knowledge by asking for their opinions and allowing them to do the job their own way. This fresh prospective might help you enhance processes and procedures that have been holding your company back.

  1. Invite Them to All Team Happenings

Though it’s just for a short while, temporary staffers are part of your team. Be sure to put them on the invite for all team events. From staff meetings to pot luck meals, include them in everything. No one wants to feel left out, so don’t let this happen on your watch.

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