Three Tips to Help You Work Effectively With a Recruiter


Finding the best job for your skills, interests and personality is hard work. When managing your search alone, it’s easy to miss key signs a position isn’t right for you—one reason you need a recruiter on your side. Your recruiter will assist in polishing your resume, sharpening your interview skills and introduce you to opportunities you never would’ve had access to on your own.

Of course, if you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, learning how to do so effectively can be an adjustment process. Use these three tips to get the most from your experience, increasing your chances of achieving absolute career satisfaction.

Be Open and Honest

Your recruiter wants to help you find a job that makes you happy, but they’re not a mind reader. There’s no such thing as sharing too much information about your ideal job, company and work environment, so be upfront about everything from the start. Don’t fret about letting your recruiter down by passing on an opportunity you’re not interested in, because your recruiter’s only aim is finding the right job for you.

Stay Connected

For recruiters, there are few things more irritating than job seekers who are impossible to reach. When your recruiter contacts you, pick up the phone or return the email as quickly as possible. Going off the grid for days at a time can cause you to miss out on incredible job opportunities and makes your recruiter assume you’re not very committed to the search.

Listen to Their Advice

As a staffing expert with your best interests in mind, your recruiter is going to give you advice worth listening to. Some guidance might be tough to hear, but it’s definitely for your own good. Instead of putting your guard up and becoming defensive, take their words to heart and try to understand where they’re coming from. If you still disagree, explain your concerns to your recruiter and work together to find a solution that satisfies both of you.

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