4 Nonmonetary Incentives for Temporary Employees


Many permanent employees are inspired to go the extra mile with hopes of eventually receiving a promotion or a hearty year-end bonus, but this tactic can’t be used for short-term workers. Temporary employees are only part of your team for a brief period of time, but that doesn’t mean their contributions aren’t just as valuable.

Providing incentives to these employees is a savvy way to attract higher quality workers, boost production levels and raise morale. Plus, people enjoy a greater sense of company loyalty when they feel appreciated, increasing the chances of a temporary employee accepting an offer for a permanent position, should you choose to extend one at the end of their contract.

4 Nonmonetary Incentives for Temporary Employees

Searching for low-cost ways to motivate your temporary employees to reach their full potential? Use these four nonmonetary incentives to get people to come to work ready to give their all each day:

  1. Paid Time Off: Many temporary employees aren’t entitled to paid time off, so even a few hours away from the office on your dime will be viewed as a major luxury. It’s great if you can afford to offer a full day away from work, but a half-day or even just an hour or two will be much appreciated.
  2. Free Lunch: Encourage people to work hard by offering a free pizza lunch if they meet a certain goal. Lunch always tastes better when it’s on the boss’s tab, but even better is the feeling of knowing that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
  3. Reserved Parking Spot: Finding parking in the morning can be a major hassle — especially if your office is located in the city or your parking lot is notably large. Inspire temps to work really hard by offering a prime parking spot as a reward on a rotating weekly or monthly basis.
  4. Recognition: Simply taking the time to say “thank you” goes a lot farther than you think. When someone does really great work, stop by their desk to let them know their efforts are For an added bonus, send an email to the entire team or share their accomplishments at a staff meeting.

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