Does a Candidate Seem Disengaged?


Unfortunately, many candidates seem perfect on paper, but fail to meet expectations during the interview process. It’s always exciting to find a candidate who is a perfect skills fit for the job, but if their level of enthusiasm is underwhelming, take this as a red flag and move on.

Your company is a wonderful place to work and the job you’re trying to fill is an incredible opportunity, so don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t convinced it’s the right move. No matter how qualified a person is, if their heart isn’t in the job, they won’t succeed.

3 Reasons to Hire an Engaged Candidate

  1. They’re Passionate About the Work

When an employee is truly excited about their job, they come to work each day ready to make a difference. You can be certain this person will give their all to the role, because they enjoy what they’re doing and want to impress you. Candidates put their best self forward during the job interview, so if the person can’t muster enthusiasm for the job now, they’ll never have it.

  1. They Won’t Leave When Something Better Comes Along

A talented employee may receive offers from other companies, but if the person is happy where they are, they won’t be distracted by these bids. When you hire an engaged candidate, you can feel confident they’re not going to flee when a competitor presents them with a flashy offer. Conversely, a person who isn’t enthralled by your job offer will accept it in the interim, but will move on as soon as they can find something else.

  1. Their Energy is Infectious

Your team is already awesome, but adding a fresh-faced energetic new hire into the mix will only make things better. The drive of a new employee eager to please is through the roof, inspiring everyone around them to take it up a notch. On the other hand, a new employee who doesn’t really want to be there will have the opposite impact, effectively decreasing morale.

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