Should You Consider a Temp-to-Hire Position?


If you’re like many job seekers, the word “temporary” is not part of your job search strategy. You’re only interested in permanent opportunities, because you want a sense of stability and job security. While this is certainly understandable, you might be impeding your chances of career success by refusing to consider temp-to-hire positions.

Accepting a new job is always a gamble, because you never know if it’s going to work out. While nontraditional, the temp-to-hire approach offers the unique ability to try a job out before fully committing, so you can decide if it’s right for you — without the pressure of having to quit a job you just started.

4 Benefits of a Temp-to-Hire Position

  1. Find out If the Job Is a Good Skills Fit

Oftentimes, job descriptions don’t match the actual job function. You may accept a position thinking it’s going to be one thing, but quickly realize it was misrepresented. It’s also possible you simply won’t like the work, but getting out of a sticky employment situation is always more complicated when you’re a permanent staffer. Conversely, a temp-to-hire position has no strings attached, so you can simply move on to the next opportunity with ease.

  1. Gauge the Company Culture

It’s challenging, if not impossible, to know what it will be like to work at a company until you’re actually part of the team. Even the most incredible job can turn out to be miserable if you just don’t fit into the company culture. Starting out as a temp allows you to get a feel for the culture first, before committing to the role for the long term. If you like it, great, but if not, you have no obligation to stay onboard past the end of your contract.

  1. Sharpen Your Skills

Every new job comes with learning opportunities, so working as a temp can help broaden your skill set. Instead of remaining unemployed or taking on a random part-time job to earn money in the interim, a temp-to-hire position in the field you want to work in allows you to keep your existing skills up-to-date and acquire some new ones. If things don’t work out, you’ll still walk away with a resume that makes you more marketable.

  1. Expand Your Network

Working as a temp is an incredible opportunity to rapidly expand your list of professional contacts. You’ll meet plenty of new people at your temp-to-hire job, and if you impress them, many will be more than happy to use their connections to help you find the right fit, if things don’t work out with the company. Surrounding yourself with like-minded peers at this critical point in your job search can open the door to new opportunities you would never have access to otherwise.

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