Work-Life Balance in 2016: How Can You Help Your Employees Achieve Goals?


Your workers deserve the best of everything, but having it all isn’t easy. Many employers expect staffers to dedicate their lives to the company by working nights, weekends, holidays and being on-call at any time. Taking this route might work for a while, but it will eventually lead to high rates of turnover, low levels of job satisfaction and burnout.

Even your brightest, most motivated workers want to have a full life outside the office, so it’s up to you to help them enjoy the best of both worlds. Learn how to assist your team in meeting their personal work-life balance goals.

Leave Staffers Alone During Off-Hours

People need time away from work to decompress, so with the exception of a true emergency, don’t contact your team after they’re done working for the day. If employees have to spend half their evening taking work calls and checking messages, they’re not able to enjoy personal time with family and friends. Encourage your team to wrap things up at quitting time, so they come back the next day refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

Establish Flextime

In most cases, it doesn’t really matter when an employee is in the office, as long as they’re putting in the proper amount of time and getting their work done. If you don’t actually need your staffers to follow a strict 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, let people choose their hours. Everyone has their own agenda, so parents might want to come in early and leave early to follow their kids’ school schedule, and younger employees might want a later start time so they can enjoy nights out with friends. Employees are much more productive and loyal when you trust them enough to come and go as they please.

Allow People to Work Remotely

Technology has done incredible things for business, including clearing the path for remote work. If possible, allow your team to work from home — or wherever — when necessary. It’s up to you if you want to make this a weekly occurrence or just an occasional convenience, but simply instituting a policy can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of your employees. For example, parents who need to stay home with a sick child or homeowners who need to be on-site for a repairman wouldn’t have to take a vacation day to take care of their obligations.

Give Generous Paid Time Off

Instituting a flexible work environment is monumentally important in helping employees achieve a work-life balance, but people still need days away from the office. Giving your team a fair amount of paid time off annually allows them to enjoy a well-rounded life. Whether they choose to go on vacation with loved ones or take a day here and there to unwind is up to them, but your generosity will be fully appreciated.

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