Could Cross-Generational Mentoring Help Your Team?


Traditionally, workplace mentors are older, more experienced employees who help guide the careers of younger colleagues, but this relationship can be so much more. Cross-generational mentoring acknowledges the value each generation brings, making it a valuable learning experience for everyone. In this type of setup, employees at different points in their careers work together to share their skills and experience with one another, helping the team grow stronger than ever.

3 Benefits of Cross-Generational Mentoring

Knowledge Transfer From Older Generations

Seasoned staffers have spent decades in the workforce, so they have a wealth of knowledge to share with employees just starting out. From general office etiquette, to information specific to the job, these professionals have plenty of wisdom to pass down to the next generation. If you don’t have a mentoring program in place, this intelligence will simply be lost when the person eventually retires. Start the process now to ensure there’s plenty of time to make the shift.

Younger Workers Can Share Tech-Savvy Skills

Many millennials may not have much work experience yet, but these young professionals have mastered the art of technology — something many of their more tenured colleagues have not. These days, technology in the business realm changes rapidly, making it hard for many more established workers to keep up. Having a member of the younger generation coach them one-on-one can help them gain a better understanding of innovations like social media, mobile, and other new technologies that surface, so they don’t get left behind.

Create a More Cohesive Team

At many companies, there’s a divide between workers from different generations, simply because they don’t understand one another. Of course, for your team to be most effective, you need everyone to work together, so instituting a cross-generational mentoring program where employees are forced to bond can boost productivity to a whole new level. Sometimes you just have to give your staff a little push to help them reach their potential.

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