How Important is Onboarding for Employee Success?


Starting a new job is a major life change. Whether your new hire is a seasoned professional or fresh out of college, getting acclimated to a new company takes a lot of time and effort. New employees count on you to guide them through the transition, and if you don’t, there’s a very good chance they won’t succeed.

Companies with a standard onboarding process enjoy 54 percent higher productivity, according to UrbanBound. Additionally, those employed by organizations with the longest onboarding programs reach full proficiency 34 percent faster than new hires working for companies with the shortest programs.

If your company doesn’t already have a structured onboarding process in place, it’s time to establish one. Learn how to give your new employees a strong start from day one.

5 Tips to Create an Effective Onboarding Strategy

Get Started Immediately

Most companies start onboarding new employees on their first day, but there’s no reason to wait that long. Make the person feel welcome immediately by having the hiring manager give them a congratulatory call after signing their offer letter. It’s also wise to send HR paperwork their way during the transition, so their first day doesn’t have to be spent filling out forms.

Individualize Your Approach

Your onboarding program needs structure, but that doesn’t mean everyone should follow the same format. Maximize the effectiveness of the program by customizing it for each person. In addition to standard company information everyone needs to learn, content should also be tailored to fit each employee’s job and presented in their preferred learning style. Managers should work closely with new hires to design a program that best meets their needs.

Promote Team Bonding

Part of getting adjusted to a new company is assimilating into the team. Make time on the employee’s first day to introduce them to the rest of the group and ask everyone to explain their individual role. Organize a few team events to help everyone bond, such as a group dinner or happy hour, allowing the new hire to start forming connections in a more relaxed setting, outside the office.

Request Feedback

Check-in with your new employee on a regular basis to see how the program is working. You may need to make some adjustments along the way — and that’s okay. Knowing you care enough to make sure things are going smoothly is sure to make the person feel valued.

Measure Success

Monitor the impact of your onboarding program to ensure it’s achieving your desired results. Prior to launching the initiative, calculate metrics crucial to your business goals, such as retention rates, time-to-productivity rates and manager satisfaction rates, comparing before and after numbers to gauge its true influence.

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