Tips to Help You Prepare for an Administrative Interview


You submitted your resume for a great administrative position and the company clearly sees your talent, because you’ve been invited in for an interview. Now it’s time to start focusing on the big day, so you can make the hiring manager see you’re the obvious choice.

Administrative roles are crucial to the success of the company, so don’t expect the interview to be easy. If you dedicate a great deal of time and energy to preparation efforts, you’ll arrive with the confidence in yourself and your abilities needed to shine.

Dress to Impress

Administrative professionals are often the first person visitors see when entering the building, so maintaining a polished look at all times is a must. Find out what the company’s dress code is and take it up one level when putting your interview outfit together. Pair your attire with immaculate grooming to create a look that’s flawless from head to toe.

Research the Company

The role of an administrative worker is often very broad, requiring you to have your hands in many different aspects of the company. Make it clear that you’re up to the challenge by thoroughly researching the organization so you have a strong understanding of its mission, values, and product/service offerings. Use this information to explain why you’re the best fit for the job.

Practice Your Data Entry Skills

As an administrative worker, you’ll probably be expected to do a lot of data entry — and fast. It’s very common for candidates to be asked to take a typing test, to make sure their skills are up to par. Assume this will be part of your interview and spend some time practicing to make sure your results will impress.

Prepare Responses to Common Interview Questions

There’s no way to know for sure which questions you’ll be asked during the interview, but there’s a very good chance a number of common topics will be covered. Prepare responses explaining why you enjoy this type of work, how you handle challenging personality types, your methods for staying organized, and think of a few examples of complex projects you’ve successfully managed in the past. For assistance, read “Four Interview Questions Every Administrative Candidate Should Be Prepared to Answer.”

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