Promoting Teamwork


Getting your employees to work as a team is often easier said than done. If you’ve noticed a lack of cohesion among your staff, you need to help them break down the barriers so they can reach their potential. You already know each person can do great work independently, so image what they could produce if they put their heads together.

Use these four tips to encourage your team to solve problems as a group, rather than trying to work independently.

  1. Make Everyone’s Roles Clear. It’s hard for teams to be functional when each employee’s role is not clearly defined. Help your staff work better by explaining what each person should be doing and how it contributes to the big picture. This should eliminate the chaos and sometimes tense moments that occur when one employee inadvertently steps on another person’s toes.
  2. Promote Open Communication. You can’t succeed without a successful communication strategy, so encourage people to ask questions, make suggestions, and voice their concerns. Set a good example by doing this yourself and making people feel comfortable coming to you with questions, comments, and concerns.
  3. Create Shared Team Goals. Nothing unites a team better than shared goals, but you might be surprised to learn that everyone isn’t on the same page. Gather your staff and set objectives together, so everyone is progressing in the same direction. Use these aims to share regular status reports of how far you’ve come and to look ahead at what’s in store for the future.
  4. Take a Hands-Off Approach. If you micromanage every little thing your team does, there’s really no need for them to work together. You hired intelligent, hardworking people, so take a step back and let them solve problems on their own. Make it clear that you trust them and they’ll reward you by working together to come up with outstanding solutions sure to impress.

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