Creating a Better Candidate Experience


When a candidate is really serious about finding a new job, they want an offer as soon as possible. With the exception of passive job seekers—who are typically content to take things slow—most people will quickly become discouraged by a hiring process that seems to drag on forever.

If your hiring process takes months from start to finish, you’re probably losing really great candidates along the way, because active job seekers are only willing to wait so long before moving on to the next opportunity. Learn how to become more efficient, so your top choices stop going with your competition.

4 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Use these four tips to simplify your hiring process, make candidates feel valued, and fill open positions faster.

  1. Know What You Want. Hiring managers often have trouble choosing a candidate because they go into the process not knowing what they want. Avoid this by taking the time to define your ideal new hire before kicking off the search. It’s a whole lot easier to know when you’ve found the right person for the job when you know exactly what that looks like.
  2. Streamline Your Application Process. If your online application takes 30 minutes or more to complete, you’re definitely losing people along the way. Invest in technology that makes it easy to upload a cover letter and resume or apply with LinkedIn. Test your process regularly to make sure technical glitches aren’t causing people to be turned away.
  3. Keep Candidates in the Loop. Submitting job applications and going on interviews takes a great deal of time and energy, so give candidates the courtesy of knowing where they stand. If you’ve decided not to move forward with a person, reach out to politely let them know they haven’t been selected and if the interview process is taking longer than expected, let those still in the running know what’s going on.
  4. Choose a Staffing Partner. As a busy manager, you’re always at capacity, so partner with a staffing firm to manage your hiring process. Your recruiter will post the job description, screen resumes, and interview candidates, so all you’ll have to do is make the final hiring decision. Most staffing firms also guarantee their placements, so if the candidate doesn’t work out, you’ll get a replacement free of charge.

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