Job Searching During Unemployment


Finding a new job can take months — which may seem like forever when you’re out of work. If you were laid off, fired or voluntarily decided to take some time off from the workforce, it can get very discouraging to keep hearing crickets and collecting rejection letters after submitting your resume.

When competing for the same jobs as those who are gainfully employed, you may need to work a bit harder to prove you’re the best person for the job. However, with a little extra effort and some strategic planning, you can present yourself as the top candidate. It’s important to uphold your confidence and stay patient, because the right opportunity will come along.

3 Ways to Overcome a Resume Gap

Feeling a little self-conscious about searching for a job when you’re not presently working? Use the following three tips to remain competitive:

  1. Be Honest: It may seem like a good idea to try to cover up the fact that you’re currently unemployed, but that won’t get you very far. If you make it to the final rounds of the interview process, the hiring manager will find out you don’t actually have a job right now. Trying to cover this up will make you appear dishonest – and no one wants to hire someone they can’t trust.
  2. Switch to a Skills-Based Resume: Change the format of your resume to present yourself in a more flattering manner. Your current employment status is the first thing a hiring manager notices when using a traditional chronological resume. Avoid this by shifting to a skills-based layout, which allows your relevant expertise to be front and center instead.
  3. Stay Involved: Keep your skills relevant by becoming active in local chapters of professional organizations related to your field, volunteering your time at a non-profit in a role similar to your desired line of work or heading back to school to enhance your education. These positive activities look great on your resume and show hiring managers that you’re making the most of your period of unemployment.
  4. Temporary Positions: Working in a temporary position is a great way to develop skills and find new opportunities. The experience gained during temporary opportunities can help build your resume to help you land your next position. In some cases, these opportunities can even turn into a full-time opportunity.

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