Why Are You the Best Candidate?


When interviewing for a job, you can be certain that you’re competing with a number of highly qualified candidates. The hiring manager already knows you’re talented, so now it’s time to prove your skills, experience and personality are the right match for the position.

Prepare to be asked some tough questions, as this is the best way for the hiring manager to gauge how badly you really want the job. Rather than dreading the “Why are you the best candidate?” question, anticipate it and prepare a dynamic response that convinces the interviewer you truly are the best choice for the job. After all, if you can’t explain why you should be selected, why should the company take a chance on you?

How to Explain Why You’re the Best Person for the Job

You know you’re the right choice for the position — now it’s time to clearly articulate this to the hiring manager. Use these four tips to formulate a winning response to this challenging interview question:

  1. Reiterate Your Relevant Skills and Experience. You’re a talented professional with a lot to offer. Sell yourself to the interviewer by providing a brief overview of your skills and experience relevant to the position and clarifying why this makes you the ideal choice. Explain that you have all the necessary core requirements and more, which will allow you to get to work with minimal training.
  2. Share Applicable Accomplishments. Past performance is the best indicator of future success, so highlight any relevant achievements you have to demonstrate your potential. When possible, use specific numbers and dollar amounts to really capture the interviewer’s attention and get them to take you seriously.
  3. Emphasize Your Cultural Fit. Companies want a candidate who fits right into their culture. In fact, this can make or break your chances of receiving a job offer. Make it clear that you’re a great match for their company culture by explaining how your values and behaviors perfectly align with that of the organization. If necessary, conduct background research on the company’s website and social media pages to help support your case.
  4. Express Your Excitement. No one wants to hire a candidate who doesn’t really seem to care whether or not they get the job. Show the interviewer you’re passionate about the position by explaining what it is about both the job and the company that captured your attention. Don’t forget to smile a lot, too!

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