Making a Temporary Employee Feel Welcome


Temporary workers can be a huge asset to your team. You’re able to hire them to fill the gaps when you need some extra help, without any commitment to keep them on staff when their services are no longer needed.

It’s true that these people will only be part of your team for a limited amount of time, but that’s certainly no excuse for not making them feel welcome. You want your company to be a warm and inviting place for everyone. Plus, the more effort you put into helping temporary staff adapt to your company, the easier it will be for everyone to join forces and produce high-quality work.

4 Great Ways to Welcome Temporary Employees

Preparing for the arrival of a brand-new temporary employee? Use these four tips to make them feel welcome:

  1. Set Their Workspace Up: It’s easy to feel like an oversight when no one has planned for your arrival. Make sure the person’s desk, phone line, computer and everything else they need to do their job is ready to go from day one. People feel valued when they walk into work on their first day and there’s a space waiting for them.
  2. Introduce Them to the Team: A temporary worker isn’t a permanent addition to your team, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to know their new colleagues. Introduce them just as you would with any new employee. Make them feel appreciated by gathering the whole team together for an introductory lunch on their first day.
  3. Partner Them With a ‘Buddy’: Temporary workers may be used to working in different settings, but it still takes time to get acclimated. Pair the person with a seasoned employee who they can feel comfortable going to with questions. The transition is much easier when people have a designated person to show them the ropes.
  4. Don’t Skip Orientation: Even if it’s only for a short time, a temporary employee will be working for your company, so you need to give them a thorough orientation. Not only will this make them feel appreciated, it also ensures they’re properly assimilated to your company, allowing them to do their best work.

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