Health and Wellness for Administrative Professionals


More than just names on your staffing roster, your administrative professionals are people. These bright, hardworking employees could find work at any number of companies, but they chose to give their time to your organization. Having them on staff is an honor, so show gratitude for their dedication by investing in their physical and mental health.

Regardless of the size of your staff or budget, there are plenty of ways to encourage mindful living. Everyone benefits when you promote a healthy lifestyle through a wellness program, so stop talking about starting one and get to work on it.

4 Reasons to Promote Healthy Living at Your Company

Reduce Employee Absences

Unhealthy employees frequently fall ill, forcing them to take sick days on a regular basis. It’s hard to accomplish anything when people — especially administrative professionals — are constantly out of the office. Adopting better lifestyle practices — i.e., eating healthier, exercising, quitting smoking — will strengthen your staffers’ immune systems, so they don’t have to call in sick nearly as much.

Lower Healthcare Premiums

Health insurance isn’t cheap, but it can be much more affordable when your staff is in good health. Research has shown when an employee reduces their body mass index (BMI) by one point, healthcare costs for both the person and the employer can be reduced by $1,500 per year, according to a June 2016 CNBC article written by Brian Moynihan, the chairman and CEO of Bank of America.

Enjoy a Happier Workforce

Healthy people feel great from the inside out. Being mentally and physically fit does wonders for the mind, body and soul, allowing your administrative professionals to enjoy a positive outlook on life. They’ll bring this sunny attitude to work each day, and it will radiate throughout the office. Smiles are contagious, and that’s one thing you won’t mind spreading across your workforce.

Increase Job Satisfaction Levels

Knowing your employer cares enough to invest in your well-being feels amazing. Not only will a wellness program help employees feel their best, they’ll be grateful to you for encouraging them to be healthier. Satisfied team members are more productive, efficient and loyal, which will help your company perform better than ever.

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