Hiring for More Than Qualifications


It’s easy to assume the best person for the job is the most qualified, but that isn’t always the case. When interviewing candidates for a position on your team, give cultural fit the weight it deserves.

The best candidate on paper might not actually be that excited by the position, and you don’t need someone like that on your team. It might seem a little crazy, but the right person for the job might not even have all the skills and experience you’re looking for, but they’ll make up for it with enthusiasm.

4 Benefits of Hiring for More Than Skills

Passion for the Work

Employees with a true hunger for their jobs put in 100 percent effort each day. Since the work makes them truly happy, they dive headfirst into every assignment. They won’t blink an eye about occasional overtime, because doing outstanding work for the team is what matters most to them.

Better Team Player

When an employee is grateful to be part of the team, they treat their peers with kindness and respect. Not only are they pleasant to be around, they always work their hardest, because they don’t want to let colleagues they admire and care about down. When a co-worker needs a helping hand, you can count on them to offer their time, without having to be asked.

Greater Long-Term Potential

People who are excited about a job on your team don’t see it as just a way to earn a living. This is the place they really want to be, so the prospect of growing their career with your company is something that really interests them. In the long run, the person could easily turn out to be your longest-tenured employee someday, because they found their fit.

Positive Attitude

One of the side effects of hiring for a genuine interest in the job is gaining an employee who is a delight to be around. Working alongside someone with a sunny disposition is infectious, so expect their positive attitude to spread to the rest of the team.

Your company is a great place to work, and you deserve a new hire who can’t wait to join the team. As one of the leading employment agencies in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, Barrington Staffing is committed to helping you find the right fit. Start your search today!

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