Critical Skills: Attention to Detail


In life, it’s the little things that mean the most. This also holds true in the professional world, as details are what sets your company apart from the competition. Since your administrative staff is the pillar of the organization, you need them to pay close attention to detail.

Everything from remembering the proper spelling of clients’ names to ensuring all company correspondence is error-free before sending it out impacts your brand image. If your administrative professionals aren’t as detail-oriented as you’d like, it’s time to change that.

3 Ways to Help Your Team Focus on the Details

Use these tips to encourage your team to become more detail-oriented.

Don’t Push Them Overcapacity

Completing work of a detailed nature takes extra time. If you want your administrative staffers to really zero in and concentrate on the details, you have to allot extra time for assignments. This means they might not be able to handle the volume of work you’re used to, but the trade-off is receiving a finished product that really focuses on the specifics.

Praise a Job Well Done

Positive reinforcement goes a long way. When an administrative professional completes work containing the level of detail you want, commend their efforts. Let them know you appreciate the extra energy put forward and are really proud of what they accomplished. Most employees are very eager to please the boss, so these kind words will motivate them to keep up the great work.

Offer More Freedom as Work Improves

If you can’t count on your administrative workers to complete detail-oriented work the right way, you may be a bit of a micromanager. While understandable, try to ease off this habit as their work improves. They’ll realize submitting a finished product with the attention to detail you want earns your trust, providing them with additional freedoms to work at their own discretion.

Top administrative talent is hard to find, but crucial to the success of your company. At Barrington Staffing, we understand the importance of filling these crucial administrative positions with the best, and we’re here to help your company hire right. Contact us today to get started!


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